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  • The Nanocovax vaccine of Vietnam produced very good immunity to Covid-19

    After a period of clinical trials on humans, vaccine Nanocovax gave very good immunity after the second dose and completely safe for volunteers. The results were analyzed from blood samples from volunteers on 7, 14 and 21 days after injection. In addition to assess the durability and duration of antibodies, the team needs to monitor the volunteers' situation for another 6 months to 1 year.

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  • Trial injection of highest dose Covid-19 'made in Vietnam' vaccine

    This morning, Jan 12, 2021, the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial unit began giving the highest-dose trial injection to 3 volunteers. According to information from the Military Medical Academy (Ministry of Defense), the academy will administer the highest dose of Nano Covax vaccine (75 mcg) to the volunteers, starting with 3 people.

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  • New York Times newspaper: Con Dao is a 'tropical paradise'

    The famous New York Times (USA) has just announced a list of 52 places to love in 2021. In which the newspaper called Con Dao a "Tropical Paradise". Con Dao currently belongs to Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Vietnam. Located about 179km from Vung Tau, the island district of Con Dao has a total area of 72,71km2. In which, Con Dao is the largest island, 51.52km 2 wide with nearly 10,000 inhabitants.

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  • Visitors entering illegally in Ho Chi Minh City increased strongly, mainly Chinese and African people

    The situation of foreigners overstaying and illegally entering Ho Chi Minh City has been recorded strongly in recent years, mainly Chinese and African countries entering the city for various purposes such as tourism, hide translation, get a job ... These groups of tourists often violate the laws of Vietnam such as: organizing illegal money betting, organizing online stock exchanges, organizing sports betting, online games, calling the police to pretend to be fraudulent appropriation of property, illegal transportation of narcotics ...

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  • Information Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security

    In the process of finding out information about immigration procedures to Vietnam, there will be a lot of information. We would like to introduce to everyone the official source of information from the Immigration Department of Vietnam under the Ministry of Public Security. 

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  • Vietnam has one of the safest airlines in the world - Vietjet

    The top 10 safest low-cost airlines for 2021, there is the following list: Air Arabia, Allegiant, easyJet, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Ryanair, Vietjet, Westjet and Wizz Air (ranked in table alphabet) - AirlineRatings

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  • Vietnam stops accepting flights from countries with the nCoV variant

    Prime Minister asked to suspend the flight organization to Vietnam from the country or territory infected with the new COV variant, first of all from the UK and South Africa. Countries and territories that are in a complicated epidemic situation are also in the list of suspending flights to Vietnam. The Government leaders assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Transport, determining the specific countries applying this measure.

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  • Half a year at the speed of vaccine research Covid-19 Vietnam

    "No matter how divided the way, usually to successfully develop a vaccine takes about 10 years"
    "If we don't go, we will never come. Currently is the beginning, there are still many challenges ahead, but we have faith and dedication on the basis of existing capacity ".

    The initial results were quite good, the strain developed well and adapted to the existing technological process. Despite having the initial advantage, mastering the technology, scientists still have to race against time due to having to do it many times in the laboratory when some results are unsatisfactory. For several weeks, the team stayed at the laboratory, not going home and stocking dry and canned foods, and focused on working day and night.

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  • 6 people crossed the border by sea to Ha Tien

    On the evening of January 3, Lieutenant Colonel Luu Dac Nhanh, director of the border post at Ha Tien International Border Gate, said that when the boat carrying a group of women across the sea from Kampot province to Ha Tien city was patrolled by Ha Tien international border gate arrest last night.

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  • Vietnam tested the second COVID-19 vaccine, with more than 125 people injecting the first stage

    The Institute of Vaccines and Biologicals requested the Ministry of Health to allow the testing of COVID-19 on 125 volunteers in January 2021, 1 month earlier than originally planned because the testing phase on animals was success.

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