Proposal to increase visa duration and temporary stay period for foreigners entering Vietnam: Contributing to attract tourists to Vietnam for long-term relaxation

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Nov 16, 2019

According to delegate Hien, from the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Binh Duong province in the law project file, associated with the Party's guidelines on tourism development to become a key economic sector and improve the competitiveness of Vietnam tourism, delegates commented on the content of granting visas and temporary residence for foreigners wishing to come to Vietnam in the form of long-term resorts.

“In recent years Vietnam has become an increasingly attractive destination for international tourists. We have risen, narrowed the distance compared to regional tourism powers such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. In 2018, Vietnam tourism attracted 15.6 million international visitors, an increase of 21% compared to 2017. In 2019 continues to grow, it is estimated to reach 18 million international visitors, an increase of 16.1% over the year. Information on the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism website in October showed that Vietnam has surpassed 12 places, from the 14th position last year to rise to the runner-up position in the ranking of good places to live and work. especially for foreigners, especially the criteria for improving the quality of life, quality of service, living costs ... ", delegates Hien cited.

Also according to the representative of Ha Nam province, along with the growth target, one of the important goals of Vietnam's tourism is towards the tendency to choose Vietnam as a long-term resort and care tourism destination. The health of retirees from developed countries. In the ASEAN region, Thailand and Malaysia are countries that welcome the development trend of long-term resort tourism from retired guests, from developed countries such as Japan, Europe, USA ... Hien also provides a specific example of Thailand, with a policy of issuing long-term visas for 1-5 years for tourists of retirement age, aged 50 and older, from issuing only 3,000 visas of this kind to the elderly in 2014, until 2019, Thailand has granted nearly 73,000 visas for pensioners from developed countries to long-term resorts.

According to delegate Hien, the conditions for granting these visas are strictly implemented as guests must prove their personal, judicial, medical and financial conditions. This policy not only assists Thailand to lead the region but also has the dual benefit of job creation and the development of the value chain of tourism products.

Assessing that with many advantages in tourism resources, socio-political stability, low cost of living, friendly people, Hien said that Vietnam has great potential for development and competitiveness. Competition in the tourism market is still open. From there, Hien suggested that a visa and residence policy be suitable for this group of customers. "That is the direction in line with the new policy and Resolution 08 of the Politburo on tourism development to become a key economic sector," Hien said.

Commenting on the law project, delegate Do Tuan Phong (An Giang) agreed with the proposal to abolish the rule that foreigners entering the country on unilateral visa exemption must be at least 30 times from the previous time of exit Vietnam. To continue creating conditions for foreigners to enter Vietnam for unilateral visa-free travel, then to a third country and then return to Vietnam to continue touring.

At the end of the discussion on the Bill, there were 13 participants expressing their opinions in which most delegates agreed with the need to amend and supplement a number of articles of the Law due to legal requirements and the policy of issuing electronic visas for foreigners entering Vietnam; from timely request to adjust new issues arising and ensure consistency with the provisions of other relevant laws; From the requirement to continue creating more favorable conditions for foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam, contributing to promoting socio-economic development, while ensuring national security …

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