Airport pick up service

What’s the Airport Pick Up service?

Do you wish someone to drive you directly to the hotel from Vietnam international airport?

Our Airport pick up service is a great choice for you. We provide private car to drive you from the Vietnam International Airport to required place in the comfort of your own car.

Why should you use the Airport Pick up service?

There are many kinds of transportation at the Airport for your choice susch as taxi, motorbike taxi…However it’s hard to know clearly the price and eventually you have to bargain with taxi driver.

We are here to provide the reasonable, competitive prices and our well-training, careful driver always waits for you on time outside the airport. You surely have a relaxing journey after a long, tired fly.

How does it work?

You just need to select Airport Pick Up service option in process of applying visa. Afterthat you must send us the flight number and arrival time to Vietnam. 

If you forget to tick Airport pick up service, you can email us to require this additional service.

Please do not hesitate to call us immediately in the hotline (+84) 932.103.501.

How much does it cost?

Taxi/Cap Private Car Taxi/Cap Private Car
4 seats 10 USD/car 25 USD/car 20 USD/car 30 USD/car
7 seats 10 USD/car 30 USD/car 20 USD/car 35 USD/car
16 seats No 50 USD/van No 60 USD/van
24 seats No 85 USD/van No 90 USD/bus


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