Passport problems, one of the reasons why you’re denied entry to Vietnam at the airport

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Oct 12, 2019

Anyone who has ever traveled abroad would probably understand the importance of a passport. That is a document issued by one country to its citizens, allowing you to enter and exit a country. Because it is an important document, it is often carefully scanned by airport staff. Many people have had trouble because of passports. So what are those problems? Maybe you are also in the troublesome case that the passport gives you.

Passport expiry date

If your passport is valid for less than 6 months, you are not eligible for a Vietnam visa, even if you cannot enter many countries around the world. If your passport is near the expiry date, please quickly apply for visa extension as prescribed. If your passport has expired or is still valid for less than 30 days, you must apply for a new passport. 

An important condition for a successful Vietnam visa application is that the passport must have at least 2 blank pages.


What is the image of your passport and real life image?

If you change a lot compared to when you take a passport photo (weight gain, weight loss, change hairstyle, hair color, even the age when taking a photo and when you bring your passport to the airport apart ... ), you should bring another photo to testify at the airport to make sure your trip is hassle-free.

However, if you change your appearance significantly such as cosmetic surgery, remove all tattoos on the face, transgender..., you should make a new passport to make things easier.

When applying Vietnam visa on arrival, you do not need to send your passport scan and portrait photos. But you need to hold the Visa approval letter with your passport and two 4x6 portrait photos you've taken within 6 months.


Your name

When applying online visa to Vietnam, you should make sure your name is spelled correctly and the same as the name on your passport. There have been many cases of foreigners being rejected at the Vietnam border just because the names on the visa and the names on the passport do not match. So when you receive Vietnam visas, air tickets, please double check your name.

Damaged passport

If you own a dirty, inked passport ... you may also be denied to be on a plane to travel.

A female tourist had to cancel her dream honeymoon trip to Hoi An just because her passport was damaged, and airport staff refused to let her board the plane.


Having a passport is still not enough to be called a good one so you can rest assured to exit or enter Vietnam. Because there are many cases of trouble can still happen to passports that make you embarrassed. So keep your passport carefully and find out in advance the passport regulations when you want to enter a country. Good luck!

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