The journey is more complete with fast track service at Vietnam International Airport

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Sep 28, 2019

Fast track service is a service that helps customers carry out immigration procedures at the airport quickly. Indeed, if you are a foreigner coming to Vietnam for the first time to travel, study abroad, work or simply visit relatives and friends in Vietnam. You do not know Vietnamese roads? What is the procedure to collect luggage? Even if agencies/units/ businesses have not been able to arrange a time to welcome VIPs, they can contact and use our quick and professional fast track service.

The procedure after getting off the plane:

According to regulations at Tan Son Nhat Airport, after getting off the plane, foreigners will move to the area of immigration procedures, take luggage before they can leave the airport.

Why use the airport fast track service?

- As stated above, when you get off the plane, you first need to go to the immigration procedures.

- In this area, foreigners can see there are many counters dealing with different immigration procedures, counters for diplomats, counters for ordinary citizens... And normally, foreigners have to queue to present their passports/visas. After being stamped or glued by some customs officials, fill out some forms (depending on regulations, subjects) or answer a few questions related to the entry of Vietnam (even when the documents are perfectly valid, because this is a rule, to ensure security), they will go to the baggage claim area.

- However, there are many chains in this area, how can you find the right line for your flight to collect luggage. There are even cases where luggage is too bulky, making it difficult to move and travel (even though you have a support stroller). Not to mention, if you do not find the luggage, lost luggage, you must also declare, contact the airline. And if you leave this area without missing/missing luggage, you will not be able to come back to claim it again.

- Besides, when going out of the airport, if you bring along items on the list of taxable, you must conduct tax declaration and payment. Then you can go out and catch a taxi to the center or to the outskirts of the city.

- On the other hand, booking a car at the airport is also a problem, if you are not familiar with the streets, do not know the customs, how to exchange, especially if you do not know the local language, it is a difficult problem. 

- Therefore, if you are a foreigner for the first time in Vietnam. You do not know the way to move, not know where to do immigration procedures, where to take luggage or exit, the airport area also makes you spend a lot of time and effort.

- If you use our airport shuttle service or pick up service at Vietnam airport you will feel comfortable. Indeed, You can also see that, although there are clear and detailed standards and guidelines, for the first time in Vietnam, the procedures and procedures at the airport are not simple, the right steps done sequentially, according to regulations. Now you do not need to be too worried, because the steps in the process after you get to the airport will be helped by us.

So to save time, cost, effort, you should use our fast track service. The reason we implemented this idea because we understand that after a long trip, surely you want to go to a place to rest and relax. So when you rest and relax in the waiting room or VIP room, we will complete the necessary procedures at the airport in the shortest time. This is how we help you both to rest, relax the mind, and can make procedures, and save time to the maximum extent.

vietnam airport fast track

We desire:

- Help customers carry out immigration procedures quickly, without waiting in line. In particular, we will complete all the necessary documents, documents for customers to receive a visa at the international border gate at the airport.

- Get luggage fully and quickly;

- Handling unexpected and arising situations, such as declaration if the luggage is lost; Declaring and paying taxes on goods items according to the regulations, which must pay the tax ...

- Ensuring transportation connectivity helps customers to reach their destinations safely and quickly.

- Accompany customers out of the airport quickly. Customers do not have to wait at the door of entry or customs.

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