All kind of the Vietnam visa fee for India 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Vietnam Visa Service Fees for India 2019
  2. Vietnam Visa Stamping Fees for India 2019
  3. The total cost to get Vietnam visa for Indian 2019
  4. Extra service for India 2019

India is not on the list of visa-free countries, so Indian passport holders must apply for a visa when entering Vietnam. And you must find out all the Vietnam visa fees for India 2019.

  1. Vietnam Visa Service Fees for India 2019

Applicants must pay our service fee in advance via one of our payment options to receive a visa code, a visa approval letter will be received in 2 business days (Vietnam E-visa is 3 business days). However, they can also choose an Urgent visa to speed up the process and complete it within 24 working hours (urgent) or 4-8 working hours (super urgent).

Processing time (We process your application based on Vietnamese local time: GMT + 7)

  • Normal: for those who would like to get a Vietnam visa within 24-48 working hours.
  • Urgent: for those who would like to get a Vietnam visa within 4-8 working hours.
  • Emergency: for those who would like to get a Vietnam visa within 30 minutes or need it the right way for flight.
  • Penalty fee: for those who would like to arrive in Vietnam on Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday but forgotten to apply for a visa in advance. We can make this visa in 30 minutes and we have staff at the airport who will take care of all the procedures for you when you arrive
  1. Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee for India 2019

Is the fee you are required to pay for Vietnam Immigration Officers at arrival port to get official visa stamped onto your passport. The stamping fee must be IN CASH, credit cards are not accepted.

Note: The stamp fee is calculated based on the number of times you enter and exit Vietnam. It does not take into account your stay in Vietnam (1 month / 3 months).

  • $25/pax for single entry visa
  • $50/pax from 30 days to less than 90 days multiple entries visa
  • $95/pax from 90 days to less than 180 days multiple entries visa
  • $135/pax for 1-year multiple entries visa
  1. The total cost to get Vietnam visa for Indian 2019

The total Vietnam visa cost for India 2019 would be somewhat like service fee + stamping fee + urgent/emergency (if applicable)

Vietnam tourist visa fee for India 2019

vietnam tourist visa fee for india 2019

Vietnam business visa fee for India 2019 

vietnam business visa fee for india 2019


The total visa cost for Vietnam E-visa for India 2019:

1 month tourist single entry: 9.99 + 25 USD= 34.99 USD. (Single entry with 1-month stay)

The total visa cost for Vietnam Visa on Arrival for India 2019: 

1 month tourist multiple entries: 11.99 + 50 USD = 61.99 USD. (Multiple entries with 1-month stay)

  1. Extra service for India 2019

As applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you can book extra services as well. These services cannot be booked in case you apply directly at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in India. Some of the services can be listed as:

  • Airport Fast Track: Avoid wasting your time and get a line for getting a visa stamp, our staff will handle all procedures for you. You will get a visa faster others. The fee is different depending on Vietnam International Airport where you land. It charges you from USD 15 to USD 20.
  • Car pick-up service: For the group of 1 to 15 person(s), you will be offered a private car for your group with the appropriate number of seats (4, 7 or 16 seats) 
  • Tour booking service Just note a short message with your names when you apply for a visa at the website or call hotline +84.909.180.525 to book this service.
  • Vietnam visa extension for Indian citizens.

Getting a visa to Vietnam has become more and more convenient with the online system. Despite you live anywhere in the world, you still can apply for a visa to our country and enjoy your summer, vacation, Christmas or New year in Vietnam with many interesting and unforgettable experience.

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