The procedures of issuing visas for Japanese and Korean visitors to Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Sep 11, 2015

Since July 1st,2014 , Japanese and Korean citizens do not need a visa while visiting Vietnam within the period of 15 days, if they are under these circumstances:

  1. Legal passports issued by involved Japanese and Korean organizations, passports are still within time limit for at least 3 months before proceeding to enter Vietnam border.
  2. Having round-trip tickets or tickets to another country.
  3. NOT in the group of objects that are not allowed to enter Vietnam border.

So most Japanese and Korean citizens with general passports don’t have to apply for a visa before entering Vietnam border. The procedure of issuing a FREE visa is given at the immigration police station at the airports, or at the borders on road when Japanese and Korean citizens enter Vietnam. They will get a visa stamp that allows them to stay in Vietnam to the maximum 15 days.

After staying in Vietnam exceeding the exempt visa limit of 15 days, Japanese and Korean citizens will have to apply for a Vietnam visa with the limit of stay differs from one month, 3 months, and within 3 months up to one-year period depending on the purpose of visit such as tourist, visiting, working or investing…

Where do Japanese and Korean citizens with a FREE visa stamp apply for a visa in Vietnam?

The role of issuing visas for people with a FREE visa stamp belongs to the Vietnamese Ministry of Security and Immigration. So when the deadline of the visa stamp is near, the guaranteed individual, companies or enterprises for the Japanese and Korean citizens can proceed on the procedure of applying for Vietnam visa at the nearest Immigration office.

You can proceed on the procedure of applying for visa at the Ministry of Security and Immigration from the northern area of Vietnam in Hanoi, from the midland area in Da Nang city, and from the southern area of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh city.

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