10 Important Changes Of The New Immigration Law In Vietnam From January 1st 2015

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Sep 11, 2015

Recently, there have been so many questions from foreigners asking us about the changes of the New Immigration Law, how they take affects and which departments of Vietnam Government they can contact in dealing with their problems. In this article, vietnam-visa.org.vn will summarize some frequently asked information lately:

1. Issue Five Year Visa and Resident Cards for Foreign Investors:

 - While in the past, foreign investors can only obtain limited 1-year visa and 3-year resident card.


2. A Type Of Visa will NOT be able to be changed after applicants entered Vietnam:

 - It means that for someone who entered Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL) may not be able to convert it to a working visa (LD) later in the country.


3. Types of Visa are in change of symbols:

 From 10 main types (A, B, C, D…) to 20 types (DH, DL, LD,etc.) which specifies it clearer for the purpose of visiting. For example:

 - DL instead of C1 is granted for tourist purposes.

 - LD instead of B3 is granted for business purposes.


4. Extend 3-month visa to 6-month term offered to Vietnamese overseas: this makes it easier for visiting relatives in Vietnam.


5. Foreign citizens visiting economic zones along the border and special administration & economic zones will NOT need visa when visit Vietnam.


6. People from the countries that have Vietnam Visa Exemption can visit Vietnam unlimited number of times but for limited periods from the previous exit to the next entry time:

 It means that the citizens from these countries can only visit Vietnam with FREE VISA after at least 30 days since their preceding visit. If they want to enter Vietnam sooner, they have to apply for Vietnam visa.


7. Vietnamese Immigration Officers at the border gates (for example in Moc Bai, Mong Cai, Lao Cao etc.) can issue visas for all citizens of the countries that are missingthe presence of Vietnam Consulate.


8. The Minister of Public Security and only this minister has the authority in approving the PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD for foreign citizens.


9. The procedures of issuing TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD have been simplified and extended the permission from 3 to 5 years.


10. From March 10 2013, foreign visitors can visit Phu Quoc Island ( Kien Giang Province) up to maximum 30 days without a visa. However, if you need to visit the other places in Vietnam, you should have applied for visa. This exception also applies for those who transit through from any airports or seaports in Vietnam.


With more than 10-year experiences in consulting services on Vietnam Immigration Law, we are willing to provide helpful information and support the foreign citizens without any matters.

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