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Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Aug 03, 2019

Over more than 10 years working in the field of immigration, we have summarized many valuable experiences in the profession. Vietnam visa extension for Australians is also one of our strengths. During the past long time, we have received a lot of love from many Australian tourists, as evidenced by their trust and use of visa extension services here.

What is a visa extension?

You are a foreigner when granting a visa to enter Vietnam for a certain period of time according to your requirements and the current immigration law. When the visa expires, you must leave Vietnam if you do not want to violate Vietnam's immigration laws.

However, there are a few cases that want to stay in Vietnam for their own reasons. At that time, foreigners may request the Vietnam Immigration Authority to permit them to stay in Vietnam called visa extension.

In fact, this extension is an extension of the stay, not an extension of the visa because during the period of extension, if you have to leave Vietnam, the remaining time of the extension is considered invalid. and if you want to enter Vietnam, you must apply for a new visa.

Conditions for an extension of Vietnam visa?

- Australians are traveling in Vietnam.
- Australians are working in Vietnam.
- Australians are the head of the company's representative office in Vietnam.
- Australians are lawyers in Vietnam.
- Australians staying in Vietnam are overdue.
- Australians visit Vietnam to visit relatives.
- Australians come to Vietnam to study.

What types of Vietnam visa extensions are available for Australians?

- Extension of visa once a month
- Extension of visa every 3 months
- Extension of visa 3 months multiple times


- One time extension (single): Your visa is valid in Vietnam upon extension, but once you leave Vietnam, your visa will expire, then if you want to return to Vietnam, you will have to make a new Visa from the beginning, which means you have to pay an additional fee to make a Visa, even though the time your extension is still available.
- Multiple extensions (multiple): When you use this extension, you will be able to exit or enter Vietnam as you wish during your extension. This type is very suitable for those who often have unexpected jobs as well as immigration in Vietnam, of course, the fee is more expensive but you will save when having to enter and exit many times.

How can customer apply for Vietnam visa extension and renewal?

Step 1: Send us passport scan, Visa stamp, and visa sticker and you’re staying extending requirement through Visa Vietnam. And wait for the confirmation from us
Step 2: Send your passport to our office
Step 3: Finish payment
Step 4: Take your visa at our office after 7 working days

How much would it cost for a Vietnam visa extension?

The service fee to extend Vietnam visa is various for each application. It depends on your nationality, port of your entry and duration of visa extension you select. Due to recent changes in immigration laws, the visa extension process is more requirement involved. In order to get the exact price for extension or renewal visa, could you please send us passport scan, Visa stamp, and visa sticker through Then we will check and inform you later.

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