Advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam visa on arrival

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on May 03, 2019

Vietnam Visa on arrival is known to be the most advanced visa policy of Vietnam so far. This is the result of a long process of research, analysis and policy revision to simplify the visa application process for Vietnam. However, capital knows nothing is perfect. Vietnam visa on arrival brings enormous benefits thanks to efforts to improve for the interests of passengers, but there are still some minor drawbacks.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

vietnam visa on arrival

The airport entry visa is the type of visa issued at Vietnam international airport. To be granted this visa, it is extremely important that foreign visitors need to be aware that they must apply for a visa online beforehand so that they can be issued a visa approval letter. This is a prerequisite for them to be able to stamp the visas to the original passport at the airport when presented to immigration personnel for inspection.

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Advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival

Created with the aim of improving visa policy in Vietnam, it is certain that Vietnam visa on arrival brings a lot of benefits to passengers when coming to Vietnam.

As mentioned above, for this type of visa, all actions of passengers, from registration to payment, and entry of visa approval, are conducted online via email account. the passenger registered earlier. Not only that, the but visa issuance process of Vietnam Immigration Department is also implemented very quickly. Quickly, 30 minutes in the working time or the slowest, only 2 working days, the registrant will receive a visa approval letter, depending on the service they choose. Thus, foreign guests can save their time and money. No need to move back and forth to the Vietnamese Embassy, ​​apply for a visa with cumbersome bureaucratic procedures and wait a few days for the Vietnamese authorities to be eligible for a visa. With this new policy, foreign guests just need to sit at home, right on their sofas without having to worry or walk around the street too much.

vietnam visa on arrival 1

Moreover, visa applicants will also easily find out information regarding Vietnamese visas on arrival because all of this information is posted clearly on our website. At the same time, we also have a team of consultants to answer all questions immediately from customers.

In addition, subscribers can receive official visa approval via e-mail, meaning that they will not need to send their original passport to the Vietnamese Embassy to wait for the seal to appear. real. Therefore, everything becomes simpler and subscribers will not have to fear that their passports will be lost.

Disadvantages of Vietnamese visas on arrival

Besides the huge advantages and benefits, this form of visa still has some shortcomings. First of all, this form of visa is only applicable to passengers arriving in Vietnam by air. Therefore, all passengers traveling to Vietnam by land or waterways across the border cannot apply for an online visa.

vietnam visa on arrival 2

Secondly, sometimes passengers will have to wait in line to stamp their visas at Vietnam's international airport when entering the immigration procedures. The waiting time can be only one minute, but it can take up to 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the number of flights landing together.

Besides, visa approval letters are usually granted in groups, in other words, a visa approval letter may contain the names of many different passengers, and these passengers may not have known each other.

How to overcome the disadvantages of Vietnamese visas on arrival?

Any problem always has at least one reasonable solution and of course, overcome the disadvantages of visa to enter the airport in Vietnam is not an exception. First, make sure you arrive in Vietnam by air before deciding to apply for this online visa. It is better to ask our counselor to be explained in the most detailed and clear way. In case you come to Vietnam by other means, please go to the nearest Embassy to get a visa.

vietnam visa on arrival 3

Secondly, for individuals who feel that queuing up for visas is too troublesome and exhausting, we offer a special "Fast at the airport" service, enabling you to comfortably relax while we handle all procedures at the airport in a snap.

Third, in case you want to be provided with a separate visa approval letter (ie in the official letter with only your name and relatives), we also provide a separate visa approval service, which helps All your personal information is kept confidential.


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