Vietnam has one of the safest airlines in the world - Vietjet

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Jan 07, 2021

From data of 385 airlines around the world, AirlineRatings has just published a list of the safest airlines for the year 2021. In which, Quantas is headed by Australia. This is the oldest airline in the world with more than 100 years of history. Currently considered the most experienced airline in the field of transportation.

In second place is Qatar Airways, followed by Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air, Etihad Airways, Alaska Airlines, Cathay Pacific and British Airways ....

In addition, in the top 10 safest low-cost airlines for 2021, there is the following list: Air Arabia, Allegiant, easyJet, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Ryanair, Vietjet, Westjet and Wizz Air (ranked in table alphabet).

News of the world's safest airlines comes just days after another annual crash report. To70 aviation consulting company statistics, in 2020, there are 40 accidents related to commercial passenger aircraft, of which 5 fatal accidents, a total of 299 people died. In 2019, there were 86 aviation accidents, of which 8 were fatal, a total of 257 people died. This is a number that worries many people, because in 2020, the number of aircraft crashes decreases by more than 50% due to the influence of Covid-19.

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