How much is a visa extension in Vietnam?

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Apr 20, 2019

Currently, the number of foreign visitors to Vietnam to travel and work is increasing, so the demand for a visa as well as visa extension for visitors has also increased significantly.

What is a visa?

Visa, also called an entry visa, is a certificate from an immigration agency of a country to verify that you have been granted a permit to enter the country for a specified period of time.

Vietnam Visa (Vietnamese visa) is a document issued by a Vietnamese competent authority that allows foreigners to enter Vietnam.

Normally, visitors who come to Vietnam on a visa will usually be granted a tourist visa with the symbol "DL". Visa is valid from 1 month to 3 months, single entry or multiple entries.

The current, Vietnam is exempted from visa for many nationals: Japan, Korea, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Belarus or 9 Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, ... with time The term of stay is not more than 15 days, applicable to all passports and entry purposes.

After the visa expiry date or visa exemption period expires, foreign visitors wishing to continue to stay in Vietnam need to extend or renew visa as prescribed.

Visa extension

For foreign visitors entering Vietnam in the form of visa exemption, after 15 days of residents wanting to stay in Vietnam, you must apply for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department. The maximum number of days tourists can extend is 15 days of exit.

As for tourists entering Vietnam on a tourist visa, they can extend their visa for 1 month or 3 months at the Vietnam Immigration Department.

In addition, for foreigners who enter Vietnam to work, are residing in Vietnam and already own a visa - a business visa (DN) wants to continue working in Vietnam, it is required to extend the DN visa Usually renewed for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

In order to be granted a visa extension in accordance with the regulations, foreigners must go through agencies, organizations, and individuals to invite and guarantee to carry out procedures with the immigration authorities. Inviting agencies, organizations, and individuals, who guarantee foreigners, send a written request together with their passports to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department.

In order to apply for visa extension, your current visa has to meet some requirements of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Your current visa type has to be correspondent to your staying extending requirement.

Stay in 1 more month: If your current visa is 1 month single, 1-month multiple, 3 months single or 3-month multiple entry visa, you are allowed apply to extend the visa in 1 more month.

Stay in 3 more months: If your current visa is 3 months single or 3-month multiple entry visa, you can apply to extend the visa in 3 more months.

In order to apply your Vietnam visa extension the staying temporary permission, please provide some necessary information as below to our email address

  • Passport scan (file attached)
  • Current visa scan  (file attached)
  • Immigration stamp  (file attached)
  • Latest date of entry
  • Your current address in Vietnam
  • We will inform what you have to do and how much you have to pay.


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