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Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Mar 09, 2021

Many localities in Vietnam have begun to work out plans to resume international tourism while Covid-19 vaccine is widely vaccinated around the world.

After Vietnam announced the COVID-19 vaccination plan, which is expected to be implemented from March 8, many businesses expect to soon be allowed to welcome visitors back with a specific plan, in addition to the renewal domestic market to revive the tourism industry.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Vietnam Tourism Association are discussing ways to gradually reopen international markets to each group of tourists and countries with clear criteria to ensure disease safety.

Welcoming guests with "vaccine passport"

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan, director of Images Travel, which specializes in welcoming French tourists, said that after a year the international market "froze", the company still maintains its staff to be ready to welcome international visitors at any time.

Vaccine is being widely vaccinated all over the world, even in Vietnam is urgently vaccinating people, many tourism businesses hope to soon reconnect international routes.

"Looking at the countries, opening up right away is not easy, but it can be done with caution at the moment. Our staff are not worried about themselves, but they need a specific plan from the agency. management, "said Toan.

Vietnam plans to welcome groups of business travelers from countries in the region, such as visitors from Japan, Korea, Singapore ...

Persons who have been vaccinated can enter Vietnam without being quarantined. Countries such as Singapore and Thailand all have programs to welcome business guests with well-planned plans.

"Early opening up to business travelers is essential for countries to restore their economies and initially resume tourism activities," Toan said.

The Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho, said that there should be specific programs and plans for tourism businesses to prepare business plans.

"Initially, tourism may be open only to markets that are well controlled and vaccinated. It must also be a big market for Vietnamese customers. Package tours, vacation tours are very feasible and Maybe suitable for Russian customers or some European markets, "said Tho.

According to tourism businesses, the time to open is from the third quarter so that the fourth quarter can welcome international visitors. International visitors wishing to enter Vietnam must provide a Covid negative certificate, ...

Meanwhile, many tourism businesses said that the vaccine factor not only affects the international market but also positively affects tourism demand of domestic tourists. Many travel agencies and tour operators have welcomed new customers, the tours also departed in March and April with a thicker frequency than before.

Tourism businesses have adapted and actively turned around to find directions after three outbreaks in Vietnam. For visitors to experience peace of mind, many businesses have introduced many types of package tours such as private car travel, private group, family ...

These tours are designed according to the program framework of traditional tours but ensure the freedom and comfort of self-sufficient tourism and put the safety of visitors first.

According to Nguyen Nguyet Van Khanh, Vietravel's deputy marketing director, private car travel products have been boosted in recent days. The services on the tour are designed to cater to groups of only 4 - 15 guests, the private shuttle is regularly sterilized, the guides are also well trained, complying with the safety criteria of Ministry of Health.

Restaurants, hotels, accommodations and sightseeing destinations are all subject to strict control over the safety of the season. "With this type of tour, participating visitors can use a private car from 4 - 7 seats.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Man, communications director of TSTtourist Company, said that the trend of visitors during the market restart falls in March and April as well as the low season.

"We prefer to organize tours from 1-2 days with two product groups of Ho Chi Minh City experience tours and tours to connect the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City. Then come products for longer tours ( 3 - 5 days) to provinces and cities to ensure safe conditions ", Mr. Man said.

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