The Minister of Health called for 'enter official entry'

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Jan 20, 2021

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health, said that every day there are about 100-150 cases of illegal entry, this is a huge risk of Covid-19 entering Vietnam, destroying the peaceful Tet.

At the online meeting on the prevention and control of epidemics Covid-19 in the morning of January 20, Minister Long said that Vietnam has had no cases of community infection for 50 days, but there are still many risks. To reduce the cases of nCoV entry, from now until Tet, there are almost no flights to bring citizens back to their home countries.

"The problem is that on the road, the risk of Covid-19 infection via the trail, the opening is very complicated" Mr. Long said. In recent days, one day, the authorities recorded up to 500 people entering illegally through the open path.

Several countries in the region still operate international commercial flights. People abroad fly back to this country, then illegally cross the border to Vietnam. At the border, the lines, individuals, and garage linked each other to organize these people to cross the border into the inland. Dang Quang Tan, Director of the Preventive Medicine Department, said that the authorities in recent days have detected 177 foreigners entering illegally, including 167 Chinese, 8 Cambodians, one New Zealander and a Canadian. 1,843 Vietnamese who illegally crossed the border have been quarantined.

According to Mr. Long, cases of illegal entry into Vietnam have many links with people inside through the garage and individuals in the country. These groups communicate with each other through social media.

"To prepare for a safe Lunar New Year, we want people to return to their homeland to celebrate Tet by official channel, to comply with 14-day isolation in accordance with regulations, not to enter illegally," said Minister Long.

The Ministry of Health also suggested localities and police agencies strictly punish organizations that illegally cross border people. The Minister of Health urges the entire population to raise their guard, proactively report to the authorities when detecting cases from abroad of quarantine and illegal entry.

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