Benefits of Vietnam e-visa for foreign visitors

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Jun 13, 2019

As informed, since January 1, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security officially piloted the issuance of e-visas for foreigners in Vietnam, based on Resolution No. 30/2015 / QH14.

This means that foreigners will have the right to choose to apply for a common visa in accordance with the Immigration Law or e-visa application.

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According to the Ministry of Public Security, compared to the ordinary visa based on the provisions of the Immigration Law, the issuance of electronic visas has many benefits. Specifically:

Benefits of the form of Vietnam e-visa

Exit and entry laws stipulate visa to be stuck on passports or left-handed; The electronic visa regulation is a new type of visa, issued to foreigners through an electronic transaction system.

vietnam e-visa 1Source: Internet

Benefits of the value and duration of Vietnam e-visa

The Immigration Law stipulates that visas are valid for entry once or multiple times, which are suitable for entry purposes (no more than 5 years) and no conversion purpose.

Meanwhile, the Resolution on an electronic visa is valid for one time, not exceeding 30 days, applicable to foreigners entering Vietnam for purposes consistent with Vietnamese law. The person who grants e-visa, after entering Vietnam, is requested to consider and settle the visa by the entry and exit management agency in accordance with the Immigration Law.

vietnam e-visa 2Source: Internet

Benefits of visa issuance conditions for Vietnam e-visa

Immigration law stipulating visa issuance conditions must be invited, guaranteed by agencies, organizations, and individuals, with passports or valuable papers. treat international travel and have documents to prove the purpose of entry with some specific cases (investment, labor, study ...). The resolution stipulates that foreigners are granted an electronic visa if they have a valid passport.

Vietnam e-visa 3Source: Internet

Benefits of the authority to issue Vietnam e-visa

Under the provisions of the Immigration Law, the Ministry of Public Security's Immigration Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' competent authority grants new visas to foreigners temporary residence in Vietnam; Vietnam's overseas visa authority grants visas to people who are overseas; Immigration control units at border gates (under the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Defense) shall issue visas for foreigners who are allowed to receive visas at international border gates. The issuance of visas by agencies competent to grant visas of overseas Vietnamese and immigration control units shall be carried out according to the Immigration Department's announcement (after considering the personnel).

Meanwhile, the Resolution stipulates that the Immigration Department (Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security) has the authority to issue e-visas for foreigners who are abroad via electronic trading systems and foreigners can print the electronic visa themselves.

Vietnam e-visa 4Source: Internet

In addition, the Resolution stipulates that e-visa applicants must pay visa fees through bank accounts. Visa fees are not refundable in the case of non-issuance.

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