Visa exemption list when entering Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on May 16, 2019

Visa exemption includes visa exemption, entry, and exit. Visa exemption period is calculated from the date of entry.

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Who is exempt from a Vietnam visa?

Vietnam has signed an agreement on a market exemption. real with 83 countries, in. there are 02 agreements, agreement with the following countries yet. Determine the effective date: Namibia, Bolivia. List of countries exempted from visa when entering Vietnam include:

  1. Citizens holding Brunei passports are allowed to enjoy Vietnamese visas for a stay period not exceeding 14 days.
  2. Citizens bring passports of countries. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos are exempt from Vietnamese visa for a temporary stay of no more than 30 days.
  3. Citizens bring Philippine passport exemption. Vietnamese visa with a stay period of not more than 21 days.
  4. Citizens bring passports. Japan and Korea. National, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Finnish are exempt. Vietnam visa with a time limit. temporary stay not exceeding 15 days.
  5. From July 1, 2017, Vietnam continues. extension of unilateral visa waiver for visitors from 5 countries Germany, France, England, Italy, and Spain. Citizens of these countries when entering Vietnam do not need to apply for a visa with a temporary stay of 15 days, effective from July 1, 2017. until the end of 30/6/2018
  6. French and Chilean citizens carry a family of foreigners. valid passports or official passports are exempted from the Vietnamese market. stay many times with .total time. stays cannot exceed 90 days in. 6 month period from the date. first entry
  7. Those who carry cards travel. APEC (ABTC) business people belong to cities. member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. Ocean (APEC) is allowed to enjoy the Vietnam visa. with a stay of no more than 60 days.


Foreigners who enter the country on a unilateral basis are exempted from visa. Shelf life at least 06 months. and must be way away. Vietnamese exit point. Last time at least 30 days.

Visa exemption for a foreigner to Phu Quoc:

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For travelers to Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam: Foreigners and Vietnamese citizens bring. Foreign nationalities enter Vietnam through an international border gate and then travel. The schedule to Phu Quoc Island and stay there for less than 15 days will be exempted from Vietnamese visa. Passport must be valid for at least 45 days. After arriving in Phu Quoc, if you want to visit these. Other localities or stay at the island. This is over 15 days, Administration Department. Immigration will issue visas. Vietnam for travelers right in Phu Quoc.

- The Prime Minister issued the Regulation on entry, exit, and residence of people. foreign countries in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province (Decision No. 229/2005 / QD-TTg dated September 16, 2005). Under this Regulation, the country. In addition to entry, exit, and residence at. Phu Quoc island is exempted from visa with a temporary stay period. 15 days, case people. Foreign countries enter an international border gate of Vietnam, stay in a transit area. At that border gate, then transferring to Phu Quoc island is also exempted from visa.

- On December 27, 2013, TTG issued a Decision. No. 80/2013 / QD-TTg, effective from March 10, 2014, issued a number of specific mechanisms and policies to develop Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang province. Accordingly, on immigration, time. Visa exemption for foreigners. It is increased to 30 days, applicable to all over-the-scenes areas at an international border gate. of Vietnam (including air and sea), then go on. to Phu Quoc island.

For more information, details, and questions about procedures. Apply for a visa for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

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