20 useful tips for tourists traveling Southeast Asia

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Apr 13, 2019

1. Learn to speak the native language

This is one of the most important things when traveling and is also the first thing anyone must try to do when planning a new country. English is the language used in all Southeast Asian countries, but if you want locals to understand what you say (especially when you want to ask about something important), the best advice for you is to memorize some basic communication sentences. Learning the local language also sympathizes with the local people and also helps to overcome the language barrier with bad English speakers.

2. Try all local dishes when traveling

If you are looking for a book introducing the Michelin-standard delicacies in Southeast Asia, there is no better option than enjoying street food stalls. This area is famous for all the street food you definitely can't ignore like fried crickets, fried spiders in Cambodia, deep-fried bamboo dishes in Laos, fried scorpions in Thailand …

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In Vietnam, you can not miss enjoying pho served with lemon salad and broth especially from pork and chicken. You can enjoy a bowl of hot noodles in front of the small chairs on the sidewalk. In addition, you can enjoy other street food such as stir-fried noodles, fried rice, fried shrimp and fried ice cream.

3. Try to enjoy all kinds of different tropical fruits

Think about what fruits you should try? Southeast Asia is not only famous for street food but also attracts tourists because of the abundance and variety of tropical fruits. Most tourists choose to enjoy mangoes, litchi, bananas, papayas, jackfruit, salak (snakeskin fruits), custard apple, longan, Chik, star fruit and durian. Be sure to sample all these fruits when traveling in Southeast Asia.

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4. Should store Telfast (medicine for allergy nose) and Imodium (medicine for diarrhea)

When traveling you can adapt to the dishes but the body does not adapt to the environment. Therefore, to prepare for a more convenient trip, you should bring with you some common medicines to treat.

5. Always carry filtered water bottles

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Unlike Singapore people often drink tap water, the rest of Southeast Asia often have a habit of drinking boiled water. Therefore, when traveling you should prepare a bottle of filtered water or can buy at convenience stores and bring backpacks during the tour.

6. Travel by bus

When traveling to the Southeast, you should choose bus transportation. This is one of the most effective and affordable means of transportation and you will have the opportunity to meet indigenous people and get their help in the journey of discovery.

Remember to bring water and some snacks during your travel journey. Sometimes you may experience traffic jams that will affect the bus route from 10 hours to 18 hours. Based on personal experience, if you want to sleep on a bus in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia often require removing shoes. So the best way for you is to bring your shoes to help you get off easily when required.

7. Always carry your passport with you

Carrying a passport throughout the journey is too obvious for all tourists. In Vietnam, all hotels and motels require a passport to check in before checking in. This is a way to ensure safety. If you are a forgetful person, it is best to leave your passport at the hotel until you leave.

If you travel to Cambodia, Laos, and travel by bus, you should not give your passport to someone who says you can settle your visa quickly and you have to pay for a stamp with a fee of 5 $. If you've ever encountered a similar situation, it's best not to hand over your passport.

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Particularly in Vietnam to obtain a visa, there are 2 popular ways:

Apply for a visa directly at the Vietnamese Embassy in your country or country near you. See the list of Vietnamese embassies around the globe.

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival by following these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Apply online - Complete your online visa application form
  • Step 2: Make payment - Get confirmation and pay the service fee
  • Step 3: Get approval letter - Receive your visa approval letter and instructions to get your visa stamped
  • Step 4: Get visa stamp - Have your visa stamped upon arrival

8. Always carry wet paper and toilet paper in the bag

It is funny to carry wet paper and toilet paper, but it is quite useful when you go to a toilet but is out of paper.

9. Accommodation

Hotels, motels, and living rooms are places where you can choose to rest while traveling. If you choose to travel during peak periods, you should make a reservation in advance to avoid the case of running out of rooms or choosing the rooms you prefer.

10. Check the weather before traveling

Many people travel to Southeast Asia for the purpose of sunbathing to avoid the cold winter. If this is on the list of things you want to do when traveling, you check the weather first to avoid bad weather such as rain or storm.

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Rainy season in Southeast Asia usually starts from May or June, peak months are from August to October and are sparser from November to December. In some places like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are The countries near the equator should have a humid climate all year round with heavy rainfall concentrated from October to December.

11. Bring mosquito repellent

With hot and humid weather is an ideal condition for mosquitoes to grow and develop. Therefore, when traveling in Southeast Asia, you should prepare yourself mosquito repellent. All the mosquito repellent contains colorless liquid. Choose the one that suits your skin to avoid irritation with the ingredients of the medicine.

12. Be wary of money cheating, cheating

For developing countries in Southeast Asia, the best way for visitors to buy goods here is to accept the first price offered by the seller. However, you still have a bargain card by paying a bit or half lower than the initial price the seller offered. Before you go to the market, you should divide the money into different types, you should leave the change out to make it easy to pay and to avoid theft or robbery.

13. Respect the culture of countries when traveling

In Cambodia, people often greet each other by leaning over with a gesture of clasping their hands in front of their chests. They belong to different social ranks with different greetings (like greeting friends: hands in front of their chests, greeting teachers The teacher placed his hand on his nose, greeted the monk, put his hand on his nose. Most countries in the region have customary to wear ancient clothes when going to the temple.

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There are many different customs so when you come to a new country you should learn first to adapt and integrate with that place to make your travel trip more convenient.

14. Talk to the natives

Talking to locals is the best way to learn about the culture of that country. For travelers who choose to stay in dormitories often have the opportunity to interact with more indigenous people than on the road. You should not worry too much about language barriers, because 90% of communication is not through words, you can express in body language.

15. Visit museums and temples

Southeast Asia is an area with many temples, you will find many similarities between different temples and learn how they are connected. Southeast Asia with a long-standing historical culture, which holds unbelievable stories about the war for nearly 30 years. Visiting museums or memorial places is the best way to learn about the history of nations.

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16. Learn about wet rice culture

While you are in Asia, you realize that rice is the main dish here, even some countries even organize new rice festivals after the harvest season. There are different ways to cook rice between different countries like the difference between Thai rice and Indonesian rice. You can learn and learn the secret of cooking a delicious rice cooker when traveling in Southeast Asia.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to admire the wonderful scenery of the fields of ripe rice or observe people reaping in the harvest season. If you're lucky enough to arrive on this occasion, you absolutely have the opportunity to experience rice harvesting with indigenous people.

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17. Discovering eating culture with chopsticks

Most Asian and Southeast Asian countries use chopsticks to pick up food. Some places do not use spoons and forks, this is your chance to learn about the art of using chopsticks to pick up food or to eat pho and eat rice. When enjoying rice dishes you will realize that when eating slower than usual is the most obvious way to taste its great taste.

18. Admire the wonderful natural space

Traveling in Southeast Asia you will have the opportunity to admire all the beauty of nature from the majestic scenery of the mountains, tropical rainforests, volcanoes and breathtaking scenery of the islands. You will have the opportunity to climb a mountain, go camping, or stay at home in bamboo, which is an interesting experience, especially for tourists.

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19. Do not rush

For many tourists who often have a rush to visit many places, participate in many activities at the same time in a short time. If you don't have a plan in advance, your East Asian tour will become extremely tiring. The best advice for you should buy the travel guide book "The Rice Plant," the Cambodians watch it, the Lao listen to it grow. "By Lonely Planet to get a perfect travel itinerary.

20. Reservations should not be too much

The last but not least is to renew your visa to have a chance to stay longer.


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