Vietnam visa for French citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on May 17, 2019

Cases of visa exemption

French nationals are exempted from visa for no more than 15 days. According to the regulation on unilateral visa exemption for French citizens when entering Vietnam, Vietnam does not need to apply for a visa in advance, just need a valid passport, have a return ticket (or train ticket) and not belong to allow entry or objects banned from entry into Vietnam. If not in these cases, the immigration office at the border gate will be stamped to stay.

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Very new information. If the French nationals enter Vietnam on visa exemption, they will not be allowed to change the visa type, the expiration of their temporary stay in Vietnam (no more than 15 days), they must leave Vietnam. After that, if there is a need to return to Vietnam for visa exemption, it must be at least 30 days before the departure of Vietnam.

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In case the French do not want to enter Vietnam as visa-free

In case the French do not want to enter Vietnam for visa exemption for no more than 15 days but want to apply for a longer-term visa in Vietnam, it is possible to apply for a visa at the Vietnamese Diplomatic Representative Office. Or you can get reputable visa consultants and consultants to save money and travel time.

1. Applying Vietnam Visa online

For those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy in France and do not wish to send away their passport, Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice. Instead of getting a visa directly at Vietnam Embassy, you will end up picking up your visa at one of Vietnam International Airports.

You apply Vietnam Visa Online in website by filling your necessary information in the online form. You can do it easily, simply from everywhere around the world which have Internet, Wireless 3G Mobile Connections.

2. Applying for Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate

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You must contact The Vietnam Embassy in France for the visa application

Vietnamese Embassy’s addresses in your country are below:

Embassy of Vietnam in Paris, France

62 Rue Boileau 75016 Paris


City: Paris

Phone: 01 44 14 64 00 (Operator)

Fax: 01 45 24 39 48 (Politic)

Web Site:


French citizens are given priority when making visas to Vietnam

Citizens of French nationality who hold diplomatic passports (or official passports) are still valid for visa exemption to Vietnam. Not only that, but they are also allowed to stay in one or more consecutive times with a small condition that the total stay time must not exceed 90 days within 6 months of the first entry.

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Why choose Vietnam Visa Service for our French residents?

At the home page of this website, you must have understood all the ways to apply for a Vietnam visa, but if you choose us to do the Vietnam visa service for French residents, we guarantee the following :

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For more information, details, and questions about procedures. Apply for a visa for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

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