100% of people who tested Vietnam's vaccine developed immunity to Covid-19

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Apr 27, 2021

According to the results of the clinical trial of Nano Covax vaccine phase 2, which has just been synthesized by the research team, among the 3 doses used, it shows that the 25mcg dose has the highest protective effect, 100% of the vaccinated people develop immunity Covid-19.


Accordingly, through a clinical trial of 560 people divided into 4 groups, injecting 3 doses of 25mcg, 50mcg and 75mg of Nano Covax vaccine and 1 group of placebo injections, the results showed that all 3 doses ensure safety. In terms of efficacy compared to the placebo injection group, 100% of people injected with the 3 above doses were immunized at different levels.


As for the antibody index to neutralize the virus (the ability to destroy the invading virus after vaccination), the 25mcg level also reached the highest index with over 90% at 14 days after the second injection, that is 42 days later when the first shot is given.


With this result, it is expected that on April 27, the research team will report to the Biomedical Ethics Council of the Ministry of Health, and at the same time propose a plan to implement phase 3 research (according to the report, it will start testing clinical phase 3 from 5 May).


During the third trial phase, the team will report to the Ministry of Health, the trial will reach more than 10,000-15,000 people volunteering both at home and abroad. At that time, only one effective dose of 25 mcg would be used, volunteers were given 2 injections 28 days apart.


Nano Covax vaccine is one of the three domestic COVID-19 vaccines that are being developed by Vietnamese vaccine manufacturers, but the one with the fastest progress of implementation.


Vietnam's vaccine has been tested in humans since December 2020, and has now completed phase 2, preparing to move to phase 3, which is the last stage of testing before the vaccine is released on the market.


The remaining 2 vaccines including Covivax have just completed a phase 1 human trial, and the Vabiotech Company vaccine is expected to be tested in humans from June to here.


Vaccines Nano Covax, Covivax are believed to be effective against a variant strain of Covid-19 that appeared in the UK. The Vabiotech vaccine is being studied against the South African variant B1351.


The British and South African strains are both considered high-risk strains, of which the British strain is dominant in the number of cases in many places due to its ability to spread rapidly, while the South African strain influences immunological efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine.


According to the Ministry of Health, there are thousands of strains of the virus around the world, but three strains of the virus in England, South Africa, and Brazil are considered to have the most impact.


Particularly the virus is currently spreading strongly in India, experts say this strain has both the characteristics of the British strain virus, and the signs of the South African strain. Vietnam continues to monitor the variation situation of virus strains and have appropriate solutions.

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