The trial of COVID-19 vaccine can be accelerated in Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Dec 27, 2020

On the afternoon of December 20, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 disease prevention, listened to leaders of the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 vaccine research and production unit, Military Academy (Ministry of Defense) reports progress on COVID-19 Nano Covax vaccine trial, which is researched and produced by Vietnamese scientists. Information at the meeting indicated that the COVID-19 vaccine trial could be accelerated in Vietnam.

The health of the first 3 volunteers is completely normal, without any reaction
Before working, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long visited, talked and encouraged 3 volunteers who were the first to inject a clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine. Health monitoring at the Military Medical Research Institute (Military Medical Academy).

Here, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health discussed, encouraged and thanked the volunteers for their spirit and dedication to the COVID-19 clinical trial, to contribute part of the prevention of pandemic COVID-19.

The male volunteer over 20 years old who is currently a student - who is also the first person to receive COVID-19 "made in" Vietnam, said he was very happy to be selected as the first COVID-19 vaccine in the series try this out.

The young man said that after 3 days of vaccination, his health is completely normal, he eats well and sleeps well. By the afternoon of December 20, the young man has expired at the test injection site and will return to his / her residence on the same day to continue monitoring health with medical assistance at the place of study and birth. living.

Two other female volunteers also shared with Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and Minister Nguyen Thanh Long about normal health after injection.

A female volunteer who is currently a teacher said that she participated in volunteer activities and mass organizations since she was in junior high school, so "dedication has been absorbed in my blood, so when I heard that I came to register. , and I am very happy because I have good health conditions to be selected as the candidate for the trial vaccination of COVID-19 in Vietnam, ”said the female teacher.

In 28 days of the first injection, the volunteers will return to the Military Medical Academy to continue with the second injection. Currently, the Military Medical Academy is also submitting to the National Ethical Council for Biomedical Research for the second trial injection of COVID-19.

The trial of COVID-19 vaccine can be accelerated in Vietnam

At the meeting shortly thereafter, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long said that in order to accelerate the production of COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health has created all the best conditions to shorten the implementation time. The testing stages are compared with normal conditions but still ensure all steps, safety and science. Relevant agencies have been preparing for trial phase 2 and 3.

Worldwide, 56 COVID-19 vaccines are currently in clinical trials. Among them, there are vaccines that have finished phase 3 testing such as Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Russian vaccines ...

Appreciating the Military Medical Academy and Nanogen Company for actively researching, producing and testing COVID-19 vaccine, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam requested to conduct research and test injections on sperm. God fully complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Health on safety, efficiency but urgency. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the successful vaccine is not only the pride of the scientific community and the Vietnamese health sector, but also an effective tool against the COVID-19 epidemic.

From his experience in producing test probiotics for SARS-CoV-2, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested research, production and state management agencies (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology and related agencies). need to discuss, carefully discuss in the spirit of science, demand and "race against time"; at the same time it is necessary to continue to prepare the necessary conditions for the next steps when the test is successful. The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that both good and bad situations should be taken into account.

The Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Health to continue contacting partners to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible according to the plan, either purchased or produced domestically. However, the leader of the Ministry of Health said that the current price of vaccines in the world is very high and the supply is limited, so it is very necessary to promote vaccine research in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasized that vaccines are still the story of the future. Right now, we still have to pay special attention to the epidemic prevention and control measures that have been made so far. With the efforts of the entire people and society, both the medical and functional forces, under the leadership of the Party and State governments at all levels until now, we have a city. very good anti-epidemic fruit. First of all, it must be maintained and protected for this achievement.

At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister also requested the Ministry of Science and Technology to preside over, the Military Medical Academy coordinates with the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) to develop a project to develop research and development center. development of vaccines against emerging diseases, including building a biosafety laboratory of grade 3 or higher. These research centers together with research institutes of the Ministry of Health will form a network ready to respond to new diseases as well as human health disasters in the future.

The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Vietnam will undergo 3 stages of clinical trial injection in humans. Stage 1 injects about 60 people, stage 2 has about 400-600 participants. Phase 3, requires at least 3,000 people, can expand the participation to 30,000 people, multi-center, multi-regional research.

It is expected that on December 21, the Military Medical Academy will continue to give test injections to the remaining volunteers participating in phase 1.


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