The procedure of extending visa, granting new passports due to lost purpose for foreigners

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Sep 11, 2015

For foreigners who entered and are staying in Vietnam, when their passports are overdue, lost or torn, they can ask to extend, or to be granted new passports in Vietnam. While facing with problems with your foreign passports, please call your Embassy, consulate or your nearest preventative foreign Affairs’ office of your country to receive some guidance in the matter of extending or new passport granted. Please take in considerations that most offices in Foreign Affairs of many foreign countries (including the foreign Embassies and consulates) now have preventative offices in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, so you should get that information before hand to contact them when needed.

Most of the Embassy and consulate’s offices of foreign countries will proceed with the procedures of extending or granting new passports for the foreigners who are their citizens quickly and simply. Foreigners when granted new passports by their Embassy or consulate, they will always receive a diplomatic note alongside to send to the Vietnamese Ministry of Security and Immigration, in order to help the foreigners in the procedures of granting new visas for continuing their visit in Vietnam or to leave Vietnam.

So that after you receive your new foreign passport, please contact the Vietnamese Ministry of Security and Immigration to proceed in issuing new visa. The foreigners can proceed with the procedures by themselves, or they can ask their family or relatives or the companies they are working for in dealing with the procedure.

If you have any other problems about the above matter, please contact us for aid and support.

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