Sharp reduction in Vietnam Visa fees, travelling hassles eliminated ?

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Oct 15, 2015

An officially announcement proclaimed that from 23th November, Vietnam’s visa stamping fee will delightedly slashed by 40%. This amendment might ascend a massive motivation in foreign arrivals at the year-end period.
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Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee

By inference, stamping fee provided for one month single entry visa will significantly plunged from $45 down to 25%. Similarly, with multiple entry visa in three months validity, its stamping fee will sharply fall from current $95 down to $50.

Longer terms visa, simultaneously, will has its range-pool of stamping fee from $95 to $155 (validity up to five years).

New regulations are hopefully expected to bolster Vietnamese tourism, thus to help Vietnamese visa fees intimately approach on par with other regional countries.

It is apparent from the data information supplied that the traffics of foreigner had arrived to Vietnam solely reached 626,000 in September, decrease 5.8% from August.

Tourism is deliberately aim to reach approximate 2,3 millions foreign visitors in this last quarter,hence, this bankable announcement is hope to boost the travelling trend into a new standard.

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