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2019 is the 8th year Hai Phong organizes the Red Flower Festival. Accordingly, the festival went into the subconscious of Hai Phong people as well as many domestic and foreign tourists, especially with overseas Vietnamese, forming 'memory color', and a highlight to introduce about land and children. Hai Phong people. Not only that, but this is also an opportunity for Hai Phong to introduce to local and foreign friends the famous tourist sites of the city, Hai Phong's socio-economic achievements in the past years.


Cat Ba

For a long time, Cat Ba has always been one of the most famous entertainment places in Haiphong thanks to the poetic beauty of this beautiful island.

Cat Ba Island gathers a lot of islands and coves that are surrounded by blue seawater with a green shirt of a primeval forest. Not only that, in Cat Ba island, there are also limestone pillars that stand in the middle of heaven and earth, bringing immense feeling, greatness, and immense relaxation.

Now, in Cat Ba Island, there are many other fun activities such as bathing, relaxing or participating in special festivals here. The road was built and further planning made the move more convenient, much easier to help Cat Ba island more and more popular with tourists in the North and always visit every last occasion. week or holidays.

vietnam travel 1Cat Ba Island

Voi Mountain

In the past, people knew about Voi Mountain with Long Tien cave where she worshiped female general Le Chan, she was a female general in the Hai Ba Trung rebellion.

Nguom on the bank of Lach Tray River with many beautiful and famous caves such as Hang Voi Cave, Gong Cave, Ca Chep Cave, Hang Cave, ... Voi Mountain gives visitors a feeling of surprise when few people can suspect to be right in Hai Phong, there is such a pristine mountain.

Not only possessing the natural beauty, majestic mountains but also contains a huge mountain of historical value, so every year, Voi Mountain welcomes thousands of tourists to visit, learn the calendar. use and have fun.

vietnam travel 2

Voi Mountain

Do Son

Do Son has long been a strange name for Vietnamese tourists, especially people in the North. If you can't go far, Do Son is always an ideal choice for a short vacation. Here, visitors can admire, play, swim or climb mountains and organize camping very fun and unique.

In addition, to Do Son, visitors also do not forget to enjoy seafood dishes prepared with delicious and attractive flavor.

vietnam travel 3Do Son Beach

Trang Kenh

Trang Kenh is known for the legend of where the battle of Tran Hung Dao took place against the Nguyen Mong army. With the majestic beauty of the river and primeval forest, all have created a wonderful Trang Kenh dreamlike.

Although this is a place that is not so well known, Trang Trang still retains its inherent beauty after many ups and downs of time. Arriving in Trang Kenh, visitors can visit many interesting caves, streams and especially when reaching the top of the mountain you can see the whole view of Bach Dang River.

Remember to ask the local people carefully to avoid going the wrong way. Also, because this is a solemn shrine, people also need to dress nicely and politely.

In addition to the above locations, you can also visit to explore and visit some other places such as Nam Hai Than Vuong Church, Dao Dau, Thap Long Tower, Ben Ngieng, Lan Ha Bay, Bao Dai Villa, Dinh Ngoc Xuyen ...

Although each location has its own beauty that does not mix, bringing a feeling for each individual, but, no matter what you say, the majestic and poetic beauty of the city of Red Phoenix Flower It is always the thing that appears in every person when it comes to this place.

vietnam travel 4Trang Kenh

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