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In part 1, we have provided you with some basic information about Phu Yen tourism along with information of prestigious hotels and the most beautiful places in Phu Yen that tourists cannot ignore. The things you need to know not only stop there, you also have to pay attention to the specialties of Phu Yen, the festivals of the year, the human culture here.

Specialties of Phu Yen

Coming to Phu Yen land "yellow flowers green grass" do not just immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery but forget a lot of delicious specialties here

Ocean Tuna

Tuy Hoa city in Phu Yen province is named the tuna capital of Vietnam because it has the largest tuna wharf in the central region and the largest number of tuna fishermen compared with other localities nationwide. the list of specialties of Tuy Hoa’s cuisine does not complete without a dish from steamed tuna eyes. According to local people’s experience, tuna eyes have special nutritious and medical value especially for those who have poor eyesight or eye diseases.

Ocean Tuna is recognized by the Vietnamese record organization as the top 10 famous seafood and specialty of Vietnam. Steamed tuna octopus eye with Chinese medicine was recognized by Vietnam National Record Association as one of Vietnam's top 100 specialty dishes

Although tuna season in Phu Yen Province is in April (according to lunar calendar), you can taste this cuisine at anytime when you visit.

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Ocean Tuna and steamed tuna eyes

Fresh seafood O Loan lagoon

The O Loan Lagoon is located by the side of the Highway 1A, just below the Quan Cau pass, about 22km from Tuy Hoa city. From the top of the Quan Cau pass, you can see the ravishing sight of the lagoon, like a phoenix spreading its wings in the air. The O Loan lagoon is famous for rare kinds of birds, golden sands and casuarinas forest along the waterside. Đây cũng là xứ sở hải sản mà không ai có  thể cưỡng lại được khi đến đây

Blood cockles in O Loan Lagoon

Blood cockles in the O Loan lagoon are always favoured because of their higher nutritious value than others in different regions in Vietnam. Blood cockles can be boiled, steamed or grilled. You can feel a tasty blend of greasy cockle, hot pepper, savory herbs and spice.

Oyster Dam O Loan

O Loan lagoon oyster is a type of seafood not to be missed when coming to this land, oysters here are exploited by the oysters living naturally under the lagoon.

At the end of spring and early summer, the right season will have big oysters, oysters with rough appearance but high nutritional value, can be made into many delicious dishes such as stir-fry, soup, mustard, grill onion and especially cook porridge.

Oyster Dam O Loan was recognized by the Vietnamese record organization as the top 20 delicious and novel dishes of Vietnam.

“Dit” leaf sour soup

In the mountainous communes of Tuy An and Son Hoa District, families often cook a special sour soup with “dit” leaves – a kind of leaves which grow abundantly in these areas.

You can cook a variety of food with “dit” leaves such as fish, crab and jungle birds… but the most favourite way is to cook “dit” leaves with fresh chicken. To make the best taste of this food, local people enjoy it with a mixture of fish sauce and chopped forest chillies along with a strong drink. An unforgettable flavor appears when the sourness of “dit” leaves mixed with the greasy sweetness of chicken meat.

Banh beo chen –the quintessence of rice

Banh beo chen (saucers of water fern cake) is a familiar snack dessert for a light meal. You can find this dish on almost every street in Phu Yen Province. After strolling down a street at the foot of Nhan Mountain, I stop at the restaurant of Ms. Mai. She quickly sets 10 saucers of the gelatinous steamed rice flour upon our tray, topping each one off with s fluffy pemmican, croutons, and sauteed onions before serving it to us with a sweet and sour sauce. Just pour a little sauce into your saucer and you will seefeel how delicious the dish is. The firm yet gooey flour with flavorsome pemmican and onion will bring you a memorable dining experience.

Dong spring rolls (Chả Dông)

This is a speciality of Phu Yen province. Dong meat is usually available in the summer when people catch and cook with many kinds of herbs. Cha Dong tastes very tasty, crunchy and served with raw vegetables, and sauces.

Bánh canh hẹ ( a sea of green specks swimming in a light, clear broth) is a specialty dish of Phu Yen people. Bánh canh hẹ is cooked with mackerel, straw mushroom and the broth will bring you interesting experience.

Bánh hỏi lòng heo

Bánh hỏi lòng heo is the cake that means “soft thin vermicelli noodles with boiled pork offal and congee”

To eat them, prepare them on the dishes with spring onion, and a little grease, Then, roll them with boiled pork offal

Seafood pancakes

Different from Southern pancake, there is a thin crust and a big cake. Phu Yen pancake has a medium size, made from rice flour soaked in water, pureed. The main cake is shrimp, squid. Cake is fried just right, slightly soft, when eating roll of rice paper, vegetables with seasoning sauce.

Above are just some specialties of Phu Yen voted by many tourists as the most worthy dishes when coming to Phu Yen. And there are many delicious dishes with typical flavors of Phu Yen. We believe you will also be offered more cuisine.



Horse Racing Festival

4th of the 1st lunar month

The purpose of the festival is to recall as well as raise the martial spirit, expressing the will and the extraordinary strength of the people. Coming to this festival, you will feel the strength and will of the people here in particular and Vietnamese people in general.

Fishing Bridge Festival

This is a long-standing traditional festival in Phu Yen held annually in coastal localities in districts such as Song Cau district, Tuy An district, Tuy Hoa district and Tuy Hoa town.

Therefore, in all the coastal fishing villages of Phu Yen, there are nearly 50 shrines to worship his fish. The festival is divided into 2 parts, the ceremony is performed with many rituals in solemn places like the temples of villages and communes.

The party is a reception, vietnamese oper and folk games create more atmosphere for the festival. Therefore, the fishing festival is actually a place to meet and participate in the local people's activities. So the festival not only attracts people in the region but also people who are far away.


Referring to Phu Yen is a reminder of the country with simplicity but hiding more interesting things than that. It is the forest, the sea, the island, and interesting cultural and historical stories. What are you waiting for without this travel experience in Phu Yen is on the way to explore this beautiful land! Leave a comment or message if you are interested in Phu Yen- Vietnam and want to come here. We offer visa on arrival, transfer services, most of all, we would like to introduce you to reputable travel companies so you can enjoy your vacation freely.

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