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From exploring the world's largest cave to sipping delicious Pho, the following 10 familiar things have made the world's more realistic view of the world for Vietnam.

  1. PHO

One of the things not to be missed on this list is the famous pho, the most popular Vietnamese dish worldwide. Pho creates a delicious meal with a hot bowl of broth, served with herbs and often beef, a perfect dish for all times of the day. Pho is found anywhere in Vietnam, and fortunately for the rest of the world, this "classic" dish is also brought by Vietnamese restaurants to almost anywhere in the world.

pho vietnam

  1. AO DAI

One of the most beautiful national costumes in the world is the traditional and elegant Vietnamese traditional dress. The tight-fitting shirt, gliding on the flexible curves of today's girls originated from the Nguyen Dynasty's aristocratic costumes in the 18th century. Through the development process with history and influence from colonial culture, Ao Dai has become both a discreet and seductive outfit today. The ao dai is worn over the young female student, the young bride on her wedding day, or any Vietnamese woman on the occasion of the New Year holidays. Tourists come here looking forward to trying and pack this beautiful dress as a gift.

ao dai vietnam


A sandwich is a delicious dish, but Vietnamese bread is even better. Not going far, this is the comment of foreign friends for this "familiar face" dish. Introduced by the French, the Vietnamese have completely turned bread into their own dish. Depending on the region, there are different types of bread, popular as grilled pork, chicken, beef, along with vegetables such as basil, cilantro, onions and fat, delicious pate ... Bread is like a unique sandwich. This dish is also easily processed at home if you are sensitive enough to have a good recipe and concentrate all the ingredients needed.

banh mi vietnam


Bun Cha Hanoi became popular all over the world when President Obama was treated to a delicious meal by State President Anthony Bourdain during a state visit to Vietnam. The special thing about this dish is that meat is more than bun, the ingredients are presented separately for users to combine themselves. The broth is made from vinegar, sugar and fish sauce. To achieve absolute deliciousness, you must eat with all the remaining ingredients on the table, including vermicelli, pork and grilled rolls, chili, lemon, and herbs.

bun cha vietnam


Vietnam's largest cave in the world accommodates the entire city of New York. Discovered for the first time in 2009, it was not until 2012 that Son Doong opened its doors to a limited number of tourists. If you want to discover the beauty of this place, you must meet certain conditions and wait in line. To reach this pristine cave, tourists have to spend about five thousand dollars, waiting for a license for about two years. In particular, visitors must ensure strict health requirements, because, during the expedition, they will have to participate in some difficult activities such as climbing, crawling or swimming through underground caves.

son dong cave


Vietnam has never lacked a breathtaking landscape. From the immense terraced fields in the Northwest mountains to the pristine beaches along the Central Coast, or the beautiful sand dunes in the southern Mui Ne, Vietnam is always full of surprises. Despite all these majestic beauties, Ha Long Bay is still a natural wonder that is best known by international friends. There are more than 1,600 rockery islands protruding above the emerald water, each of which is a limestone rock covered with green vegetation. The "small islands" hid the pristine beaches make a great resort from the bustling town.

ha long bay


Fish sauce is a spice made from salted sea fish and fermented from several weeks to two years. Fish sauce is preferred by Vietnamese in every meal, used daily as a spice or dipping sauce. People often add a little lemon juice, garlic, chili to make the sauce more charming. Vietnamese fish sauce is often made with two main ingredients: anchovies and salt. Quality fish sauce is a kind of no additives and preservatives added. Foreigners may love this spice to the point of bringing some bottles as a gift, although some famous brands like Mega Chef, Red Boat, and 3 Crabs can be found in supermarkets around the world.

nuoc mam vietnam


Vietnamese rice wine is distilled from the country's main food source - rice, often made in family workshops, sold cheaply and unregistered in reusable plastic bottles. Rice wine, traditional wine produced by ethnic minorities in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, using black or brown sticky rice, herbs, bark, and other natural flavors, fermented in a large little pottery at least a few weeks. Rice wine is often available in supermarkets, sipping a glass of rice wine and local snacks can be a unique experience unique to Vietnam.

ruou vietnam


The water puppet dates back to the 11th century, originating in villages along the Red River Delta. In the past, when the rice fields were flooded during the rainy season, the villagers would entertain by standing deep underwater, re-performing folk tales with puppets on the water. Today, water puppets are made from wood and lacquer into many shapes. The shows take place on a waist-deep lake, the puppet strings hidden behind the stage are made from large bamboo bars to support the underwater puppets. The puppets under the skillful hands of the craftsman will move on the water, bringing up the legends and tales of the country, on the background of traditional music from many instruments such as drums, wooden bells, bamboo flute ... of Vietnam.

mua roi nuoc vietnam


Vietnam achieved its position as the second-largest coffee exporting country in the world quite quickly in the last century. Foreigners still spread the word to buy ground coffee or to famous coffee shops in localities, big cities to enjoy the taste of Vietnamese coffee. The best way to sip Vietnamese-style coffee is usually a cup of black coffee or iced milk coffee. Add ground coffee to the filter, make boiling water to drip coffee into the cup below, add condensed milk to taste and a few cooling stones that anyone can enjoy this excellent drink.

caphe vietnamVietnam should be the first choice on your list of favorite destinations. With charming scenery, majestic history, excellent cuisine and energetic energy of Vietnam, it is enough to awaken all your senses. There are many reasons for you to make a quick flight to Hanoi or TP. Ho Chi Minh City and then go by train, plane, bus or by means of a favorite motorbike down the south or back north along this wonderful strip of land.

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