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Tra Que is not only a famous brand for high-quality clean vegetables but also an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. In the warm spring weather, we went to Tra Que traditional craft village to enjoy the rich aroma of vegetables and watch people in the vegetable village ... to do tourism.

Tra Que Vegetable Village is more than 3 km from the center of Hoi An town to the Northwest and less than 20 km from Danang to the South. The village currently has 220 households engaged in agriculture, of which 130 households specialize in vegetable rotation and intercropping on an area of ​​40 ha. From the past until now, Tra Que vegetable village is famous for having over 20 types of leafy vegetables and spice vegetables, especially many kinds of aromatic herbs such as basil, perilla ... When mixed vegetables together will meet 5 spicy, sour, sweet, bitter and acrid taste.

tra que village 1

Thanks to that special flavor, Tra Que vegetables have contributed to the popularity of the folk dishes that are only available in Hoi An and Quang Nam. Onions and cilantro are combined with jellyfish salad and sour soup; cruciferous vegetables, coriander ... used to cook hot pot; laksa leaves, basil, scallions used in mussel mix in Cam Nam region. And Quang noodles must be eaten with Tra Que fresh vegetables to taste the deliciousness of the taste of nature.

According to Mr. Tran Ke - a farmer, Tra Que green vegetables must first be "clean" from the stage of selecting soil and irrigated irrigation system. Soil is increased by humus and porous by animal manure, microbiological processing from herbs. Traditional planting and tending methods are applied by Tra Que villagers with scientific and technical advances to produce clean vegetables according to a closed process. So that does not affect the environment, vegetable growers and especially does not directly affect consumers.

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Vegetable villagers do tourism

Back to Tra Que, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional shrimp dish of the vegetable villagers. This dish is indispensable in parties ... The method is not sophisticated but must have all the ingredients of earth shrimp, pork and vegetables grown in Tra Que land. Because of the delicacies and scenery here, more than 1,000 international visitors each year follow the tours to visit Tra Que vegetable village.

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Tra Que traditional vegetable village has a way of doing tourism like no other. More than 30 laborers are farmers working on tourism. They buy farmers' clothes, slippers, conical hats and build houses for tourists to rest on. If desired, visitors will be presented by villagers on how to hoe, plant, irrigate and fertilize vegetables. But before being a "farmer", they will be able to "admire" the delight of Tra Que vegetables at the display points, introduced at the welcome home.

After bathing, resting, visitors will enjoy dishes made from green vegetables of Tra Que and Quang Nam's "long-lasting delicacies" such as crackers, cauldron cakes, mixed mussels, organic shrimp, Quang noodles, ... “Tra Que vegetable village is very beautiful. The people are gentle and very friendly with visitors. If I have the opportunity to return to Hoi An of you, I will visit Tra Que again, "said Mr. Houton, an Australian national tourist.

Tra Que vegetable growers are optimistic because, in addition to the famous green vegetable brand, many people buy in the Metro supermarket system and regional markets, Tra Que traditional vegetable village is an attractive destination for visitors. According to Mr. Cao Ngoc Here, the participant in the "homestay" tour, growing vegetables in Tra Que is not only delicious, quality guaranteed, but also ... beautiful.

Visitors to Tra Que were also "fascinated" by the green vegetable beds and the hospitality of the residents here, so they did not hesitate to be a "farmer in Tra Que vegetable village". They rolled up their sleeves, planted vegetables, watered and fertilized the vegetables. After a hard-working day, these "farmers" enjoy the "specialties" of this traditional village.

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