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Dalat is known as the flower city by thousands of flowers from all over the world are grown here. And Dalat flower garden is the heart of flower city with many unique flowers that are collected and planted here. If you come to Da Lat so this is the place that you have to come as soon as possible!

Field Hydrangea located at Xuan Tho commune in the east of Dalat Flower garden of more than 2 hectares which is the place to visit many young people favorite and admission is only 15,000 VND / person. You are free to take photos and buy flowers in the garden as a gift. Hydrangeas were also chosen by many brides as hand-held flowers on their big day and are like a flower for couples celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary. When visiting, you should note the following: you should not break flowers as well as going into the bed does not go into the flower bush and do not litter when visiting. 

Field Hydrangea

Wild sunflower this is a large flowering plant with many rounded petals that look like a sunflower, Wild sunflower are easy to grow, especially grow very fast in places with extremely harsh conditions. Therefore it also is a symbol of intense love and vitality. October in Dalat will become more charming, on the roads you will see hills of yellow flowers spread all over to create a captivating beauty for this dream city such as Phu Hiep pass and Lien Khuong airport or Ninh Gia Duc Trong area or the D’ran mountain pass. You can rent a bike or walk to see wild sunflowers on either side of the road. 

Wild sunflower

Wild Himalayan cherry Tran Hung Dao Street is also known as the cherry blossom road of Dalat. The road stretches for more than 500m and is planted with two rows of Mai cherry blossoms on both sides of the road. The petals fall to the ground, basking in the sun but not rotting. A pink stretching across the ground made people excited to walk. Cherry blossoms bloom very quickly and evenly but quickly fade, the flowering season only lasts a few weeks from the time the flowers bloom to the end, there are only about 10 days left. 

Wild Himalayan cherry

Hoa Dong Flower Village is 2km from the center of Dalat City to the West. Founded 75 years ago by 35 households from Hanoi, today is considered the first flower growing village of Dalat. Ha Dong Flower Village is an attractive stop for visitors who want to see the colorful flower gardens, formed on a beautiful, sloping terrain along the low hillside, fertile land, and flowing water. Common flowers grown in Ha Dong flower village include daisy, tuberose, Orchids, chrysanthemum. 

The name "Ha Dong flower village" was born to remind the generation of florists to remember their roots. Ha Dong Flower Village currently preserves the architecture of gardens, ponds, and cages with the appearance of the northern countryside, especially the pure voice of Ha Noi.

Hoa Dong Flower Village

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