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If you read these Vietnam travel tips, you are probably planning a trip to this beautiful country. Vietnam is famous for stunning beaches, beautiful mountains, and wonderful cultural gems. Hopefully, the travel tips and guides in this article will help you complete your Vietnam travel itinerary and plan your life trip.

Visiting Vietnam is a phenomenon and it is one of the favorite countries of international visitors so far. It is a beautiful country to visit with a lot to offer visitors. If you take Vietnamese photos you see online and ten times, it still exceeds your expectations. Below is our complete guide to what you need to know before coming to Vietnam

vietnam travel tips

You can be overwhelmed by the beauty of Vietnam

1. You need a visa before coming to Vietnam

You should apply for a Vietnam Visa online two weeks before you come to Vietnam by using a visa on arrival at one of the best travel agencies in Vietnam - vietnam-visa.org.vn. It is a quick and easy process and you will receive our approval within an hour via email.

vietnam travel tipsYou need a visa before coming to Vietnam

2. Weather in Vietnam

The weather is different in the North and the South

In the North, the weather has 4 seasons and temperatures are much colder than the South, prepare warm clothes to not affect your health.

The South has 2 seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Especially in the dry season, temperatures is high, it’s so hot, so sunglasses and hats are your good friends when traveling in Southern Vietnam.

vietnam visa tipsVietnam weather

3. Vietnam currency

Vietnam Dong is the currency of Vietnam and comes in denominations ranging from 200 to 500,000 (US $ 1 = 23,000 VND). Although it is very thrilling to become a Vietnamese millionaire, dealing with many numbers can become frustrating, especially because some currencies are very similar in color. It is easy to hand the wrong bill to a taxi driver while in a hurry. Spend a minute in your room before going out to arrange your bills to avoid paying too much. Even if you end up paying too much a small amount for certain things, do your best. In the diagram of everything, it may not be worth it.

While international credit and debit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and larger travel agencies (sometimes with additional fees), cash is still popular in Vietnam for day-to-day transactions. Widely available ATMs and currencies can be exchanged at banks and some gold shops.

vietnam travel tipsThe denominations of money in Vietnam

2. Prepare a mobile sim on arrival

Vietnam is a wifi paradise, you can find wifi data in many places in the city. However, the communication here is mainly through phone calls, and the rural areas often do not have much wifi. For ease to contact, we recommend you buy yourself a phone sim and register mobile data to go online. It's great that the cost of sim and mobile data in Vietnam is not expensive.

vietnam travel tipsPrepare a mobile sim on arrival

3. Vietnam transport tips

Transportation in Vietnam is available to tourists and there are many different types of transportation for different budgets. If you are a backpacker, your cheapest option is a bus and a train. It will be difficult for you if you do not know that there are many dishonest taxi drivers, they can offer very high prices or take you around so they can get the highest cost.

Try and research travel companies you will use if you are planning a trip around some of the main attractions. Begging is quite common, mostly in tourist areas, but most beggars will leave you alone if you say no.

vietnam visa tipsThere are many different types of transportation for different budgets

4. Road safety

Traffic in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City may look scary at first sight. Walking in the streets during Rush Hour has never been easy for both native and foreign! Anyway, the movement speed of vehicles is quite slow, just clever and attentive. If you want to cross the road, do like the locals and raise a hand above the sea helmet to be seen

If you're looking to drive a motorbike yourself, it's best to save it in one of the quiet destinations like Hoi An, Da Lat or Phu Quoc. Always wear a helmet, and pay attention to the exhaust, which has caused many people to burn their legs. When motorcycles tend to drive close together, keep your legs inward and think about wearing closed shoes to protect your feet more.

vietnam travel tipsBe careful when joining traffic

6.Protect your assets

Losing cash and your passport and visa may be a problem for tourists, so when possible, make sure you keep it safe and that you should have a copy of your documents.

One good tip is to use a money belt that can be worn inside clothing while using an inside pocket that cannot be reached without opening a jacket can also be a smart move.

vietnam visa tips

Protect your assets

Above are some Vietnam travel tips to convince you that this fascinating South-East Asian country should be top of your list. Prepare well and enjoy your wonderful stay. You will feel that Vietnam is an attractive country, complex cultural and historical gems and delicious food, and it is worth visiting.

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