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If you have understood the saying "Let's live fast with the age and live slowly for the soul", do not just stop at reading, watching, listening to Phu Quoc but quickly hurry to Phu Quoc once. By coming to Phu Quoc you will admire the charming wild beauty that this largest island in Vietnam currently owns. With Phu Quoc International Airport, it is able to serve 2.65 million passengers a year. Therefore, Phu Quoc is always the choice of tourists not only in the country but also many, many international tourists. Phu Quoc is located in the list of 10 most attractive destinations that international visitors choose when having the opportunity to come to Vietnam.



Coming to Phu Quoc, we come to the island district of Kien Giang province. With an area of approximately 600 km2, Phu Quoc and 21 other islands form. It is located in a tropical monsoon climate, divided into two distinct seasons (dry season - from November to April of the following year and the rainy season - from May to October), the average temperature is only about 28 degrees C, Guests will always enjoy the beauty of the island district in a pleasant fresh atmosphere.

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More than 2.65 million visitors come here every year, will surely sow in the hearts of tourists the attraction is hard to resist. The reason Phu Quoc holds the heart of tourists is because of the enchanting beauty of this Pearl Island: remains untouched, has white sandy sea, pristine beaches: Bai Sao, Bai Khem, Bai Dai (to be one Australian newspaper recognized as the most beautiful wilderness on the planet), Bai Tuong, Ganh Dau cape, Dinh Cau. The springs on this pearl island also attract many visitors to this place.

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Da Ban stream, Tranh waterfall (originating from Ham Ninh mountain range, pouring into a three-tier waterfall, visitors will admire the white bubbles from the waterfall on the grass and rocks), Da Ngon stream (with seven beautiful majestic waterfalls). Phu Quoc is a place for visitors to discover the history of the national hero with the old Phu Quoc prison considered to be a hell of earth. The dishes, attractive specialties, beautiful hotel system from location, fully equipped, people here are very friendly …

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Phu Quoc National Park embraces a primeval forest of 370 square kilometers, with the most intact natural ecosystem in a temperate climate, possessing 929 plant species, 144 species of animals of a level Very high biodiversity. With the advantage of concentrating the entire ecosystem on the whole country: mangrove forest, melaleuca forest, grassland forest, primeval forest ... this place has become a rare museum of flora and fauna in Vietnam. This is also a promising address for those who are passionate about ecotourism when they can choose the walking, trekking, boating tours ... to discover the mysterious beauty where deep old forests - source circuits Endless inspiration for believers who love wild natural beauty.

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Not only that, in the journey to discover the pearl island paradise, visitors can also scuba dive, watching the virtual beauty of diverse coral reefs with about 260 species (252 types of hard and eight soft types). With an extremely diverse marine ecosystem of An Thoi archipelago and some small islands in the north, Phu Quoc is an ideal place for tourists to satisfy their passion for exploring the mysterious ocean. Here, they can watch corals in glassy shallow waters and simple snorkeling (snorkeling), explore the ocean with professional diving equipment (or diving) or more interesting - combine snorkeling and coral diving with sentences fish, squid fishing and wild island discovery.

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Phu Quoc will give visitors a memorable trip in their life, will continue to motivate and love for visitors with the days ahead. Come to Phu Quoc and come back to Phu Quoc when you can.

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