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When the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass" is shown, most viewers have a question: “Where is the good view of contryside?”. Please visit Phu Yen and you will find answer.

The context of the film is the 80s of last century, the country was in stage subsidy regime. Finding  the scene of more than 30 years ago in a developing country is not easy.


Victor Vu director is strict when choosing scenes. A utility pole in the field, a traffic signs appeared on the road, a random tile roof "float" between slums ... represents a life today, despite the context which is pretty much around them also excluded. So it will make the story more emotional.

As the " God of the soil " of Phu Yen, participated in the delegation to find sence for the film, I was glad to see my homeland so beautiful.

The movie only use some scene of the countryside. And much more good view to see in Phu Yen.

We will introduce a little scene where you can go to find your childhood in any show tickets: plane, train, car beds ...

the beauty of Phu YenRice paddy field in the Phuoc Loc village (Thanh Hoa, Dong Hoa district).

the beauty of Phu YenThe loofah fields between the Ba River. Walking on Da Rang bridge, you can see the bed melon, melon, loofah which is planted between an alluvial plain.

the beauty of Phu YenThe bumpy road between fields can be found in many parts of the paddy field in Tuy Hoa.

the beauty of Phu YenLate harvest in Phuoc Loc fields, Dong Hoa district.

the beauty of Phu YenThe sunset in the hydropower reservoirs of Ba Ha.

the beauty of Phu YenRice fields at the end and Chop Chai mountain (Tuy Hoa), where the crew made many emotional scenes.

the beauty of Phu YenLotus fields of Bien Ho lake, which is beneath Ca Pass

the beauty of Phu YenSunrise in the entrence of Cu Mong lagoon (Xuan Canh, Song Cau Town).

the beauty of Phu YenSunrise in the Xep bank (An Chan commune, Tuy An district )

the beauty of Phu YenFishermen walk  through the sandy hills  to go home.

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