The expectations of Vietnamese tourism toward opening up to 5 European countries.

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Oct 21, 2015

The head of Vietnamese tourism commented that the numbers of European tourists wouldn’t increase rapidly but slowly instead.

In an interview with VnExpress, Mr. NguyễnVănTuấn, the head of the Ministry of Vietnamese tourism thought these 5 European countries could be the potential market with a good flow of tourists, who may want to make long visit to Vietnam, and with a higher budget than the rest.

He also mentioned that in the future The Vietamese Ministry would have meetings with the Embassies of those countries in Vietnam to spread the news to them. They would also work with the airlines to have some future plans together.

Many local tourist services think this is good news to improve the not-so-good tourism aspect from the past few years. Mrs. VũLanPhương, the vice president of Vietnamtourism– Hanoi, in charge of European market adds: “This new law will help the Vietnamese tourism in growing efficiently”.

However, MrsĐặngLinh Chi, head manager of SắcViệt Company, was worried about with the Free visa stamp for only 15 days still has its inconvenience in traveling for foreign tourists. She said there would a group of French tourists, which would come to Vietnam from June 28th to July 23th, so despite the freshly issued law, she couldn’t provide to her customers, due to the fact they still have to apply for a Vietnam visa if they stay longer than 15 days.

“In Thailand and Cambodia… They give European tourist a free visa stamp for 30 days.

Our neighbor countries have been doing it for a while that’s why their tourism is more advanced than us. So I think if we gave the European tourists free visa stamps along with good management, we would attract more tourists”. Said Mrs. Chi.

Mr. TrầnChíCường, vice president of the Ministry of culture and tourism in Da Nang said some of our neighbor countries had already given free visa stamps for up to 30-40 other countries, while Vietnam had only been doing it for around 20 countries in total. And in his opinion, the numbers of tourists from free visa stamps countries such as Korea and Japan is quite considerable. Along with it is the expanding of many airlines ways to Da Nang International airport.

He also thought that European tourist is a great potential market for Vietnam because they usually have higher budget than the rest. At the moment, German, French and English markets provide a good a stable flow of tourists to Da Nang and to other tourist spots in the midland of Vietnam.

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