The fresh beauty of Hòn Tằm Island in Nha Trang

Posted by Vietnam-Visa.Org.Vn on Oct 21, 2015

The visitors will have the chance to admire the outstretched white sand field, many small islands to explore and to see the fantastic reef under the sea.

Nha Trang is one of the most lively, colorful cities with new open roads, freshly built bridges, beautiful resorts along the beach, and many other projects that help changing Nha Trang and the people from here everyday. What Nha Trang is having now leaves a good impression inside any tourists’ hearts when they visited here.

Nature seems to be unfair when it gives Nha Trang almost everything it needs to be one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam. From the beautiful beaches with broad white sand field to the amazingly beautiful islands, from the fantastic reef under the sea to the antique Champa temples on the mountains…

If you have the chance to observe Nha Trang from a higher place, you will be able to fully obtain the beauty of the city, the beach and the deep blue sea look like they are hugging each other. On the seashore, the rows of coconut and poplar tress waving in the wind make the beach look even more beautiful.

One of the most popular places to visit in Nha Trang is Hòn Tằm Island. Hòn Tằm Island attract tourists with its mystic tropical jungles, the beautiful beaches with clean white sand… The deep blue sea surrounds the island, but that doesn’t stop it to become one of the most beautiful spots in Nha Trang.

The island is around as big as 250 square acres, it lies around 7 km away from Nha Trang in the southern east side (it only takes you around 8 minutes on speedboats and 25 minutes on a boat to get there) and is surrounded by the clear deep blue sea, confortable tropical weather for all 4 seasons with lots of sunshine. When arrive in Hòn Tằm Island, besides the fact that you can enjoy your relaxing days lying on the amazing white sand and beach, you can also watching the beautiful sunset or bring the fishing rod and enjoy some quiet times by yourself…. Those will help you relieve all the stress you have gathered from the busy life in the crowded cities you have been living in.

This tourist spot on Nha Trang bay is not only attractive because of the undeniable beauty of the fresh air, beautiful blue sky, outstretched white sand beach, but also because of some extreme sports that you can participate in here such as surfing, watercross, windsurfing, kitesurfing and exploring the ocean reef… Coral is one of the most fantastic creatures from the ocean. The deeper and further away from the land the ocean is, the more beautiful corals lie. Corals, seaweed and other sea plants form some fields that covers the under water’s hills. Sometimes you can also find ivory coral reefs, with the bright yellow tips look like the flowers. In some under water’s valleys, you can find colorful sea anemones in white, pink or even green… lie among the coral reefs make it look like a masterpiece from a painter.

The coral reefs are also a “fashion stage” for the fishes. They wear their burgundy, dark blue or white with yellow stripes skin… wandering their ways around the soft sea anemones. You will be instructed by a coach how to use your diving equipment, how to prevent ear sore under the sea, and how to use your oxygen tank… And don’t worry; the diving coach will be by your side all the way in your journey under the sea. Some coral families only grow one cm each year. So it takes nature hundreds of years to create such an amazing coral field like that. So we should have respected and reserved the beautiful works of Mother Nature.

When you are in Hòn Tằm Island, other than the things we mentioned above, you could also enjoy fresh-off-the-sea seafood, which was caught by the fishermen and cooked right away at some restaurants nearby.

Surrounded by the beautiful fresh blue sea in Nha Trang bay, Hòn Tằm Island is the place you go to find relaxing moments of your life away from all the stress in the city.

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