A valid Vietnam visa is required for almost foreign travelers to Vietnam for any purposes from visiting their beloved to going on a business trip or leisure vacation. Fortunately, it is much easier these days for foreign passport holders to apply for visa to Vietnam as there are two available ways to go about this matter:

Apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy; OR

Apply for a visa on arrival.

Applicants may choose one of the two options above to apply for their visas to Vietnam. But, please keep in mind that these two options for visa application are quite different in terms of application procedure and applicable applicants. While all travelers can apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy, only those who travel to Vietnam by air can apply for a visa on arrival.

However, visa on arrival is not available for all those who travel to Vietnam by air and the required documents to apply for a visa on arrival may vary from nationality to nationality.

Please kindly check the list below and see if visa on arrival is available for your nationality and what you need to provide us to apply for a visa on arrival.

Vietnam Visa for the Angolan

+ Do the Angolan passport holders need a visa to Vietnam?

+ Yes, Visa is required for citizens of Angolan to visit Vietnam.

There are 2 ways to apply Vietnam Visa for the Algerian citizens: Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival or Apply Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy.

1. Applying for Vietnam Visa online (Vietnam Visa on arrival)

Citizens of Angola have currently not been supported with Vietnam visa on arrival. Therefore, they are advised to directly contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a Vietnam visa.

2. Applying for Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate

You should check out the address of Vietnam Embassy in the nearest countries because Vietnamese embassy or Consulate is not established in Angola 

Required paperwork: An Angolan passport with at least 6 months validity, 2 passport-sized photos, stamping fees (varied from embassy to embassy) 

Processing time: 5-7 working days. But, this way is rather complicated and maybe failed because of missing passport, important documents.

On the contrary, applying Vietnam Visa Online via our website is the best way for your intelligent choice. So Please Do Not hesitates to click here to get one or more.