Airport Fast Track in VIP service

What’s the Fast-Track in VIP service?

With VIP Fast track service our staff will pick you up at the aircraft door and complete all procedures at Vietnam airports. The difference between the normal Fast-Check service and the Fast-Check in VIP service is that our staff will support you to receive your luggage and even go out the gate through custom door.

Why should you use the Fast-Track in VIP service?

You do not waste of time to get line because our staff will assist you get visa stamp quickly at landing visa and helps you check the procedures and luggage at custom door.

How does it work?

The processing of Vip Fast-Track service including 5 steps:

  • Please tick the VIP Fast Track option you provide the flight number and arrival time to us for service.
  • Arriving in Vietnam airport, our staff will pick you up at the aircraft door with your name on welcome board.
  • You do not need to get line to wait for police to go to Immigration area. There our staff will assist you to get visa stamp.
  • Then the staff will support you to get your luggage and bring it to the custom door. At that time, you just lose some minutes to check your luggage and the procedure again.

Finally, you just need receive your luggage, your visa and staff will help you to bring all of them go to the gate after finishing checking procedures.

If you don’t see our staff, please do not hesitate to call us immediately in the hotline (+84) 932.103.501.

We hope you can have a good trip here.

How much does it cost?

Fast Track in VIP costs 40 USD/pax (not including visa stamp fee).


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