Can I get Vietnam visa stamp at embassy with the approval letter code?

Posted by Visa-Vietnam.Org.Vn on Jun 21, 2015

We also offer a visa at Vietnam Embassy in your living country besides visa on arrival at Vietnam International airports.

Its facility is that you get visa stamp ready on your passport at Vietnam embassy which you require. So you can enter Vietnam easily by air, by road or by sea.

For instance, you are traveling in Cambodia and you wish to enter Vietnam - a neighboring country by bus. How can you get a visa to enter Vietnam?

It is so easy to apply for a visa online on our website and write down what Vietnam embassy which you want to get the visa stamp. As receiving your application we immediately process your visa in Vietnam Immigration Department. Within 2 working days, we send you an approval letter code via e-mail. Meanwhile, the Vietnam Immigration Department sends a fax of approval letter code to Vietnam Embassy which you require. You just only print out the letter code and take it to Vietnam Embassy, pay stamping fee and get the visa stamp. All procedures at Vietnam embassy takes only 2 hours.

Some notes you have to remember are as follow:

  • Vietnam Embassy only works on working days. For sure you make a call to ask their opening hours firstly. 
  • You should apply for an online visa at Vietnam embassy 4 days before arrival in Vietnam. The reason is that it takes one day for the Vietnam Immigration Department to send a fax to required Vietnam Embassy.
  • You should clarify carefully the name of Vietnam embassy which is convenient for you in the travelling itinerary.

Please click Send the form online for getting the approval letter code online with us.

We will arrange a visa to Vietnam upon arrival automatically if no special request. Please remark us if you would like to get your visa stamped at Vietnam embassy or at any check-in point by road or sea.

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